What Is Four Square and Why Should You Be On It?

I have to admit that I may have a slight addiction to FourSquare.  And, if you follow me on twitter (@Melinda_CRR)  you will notice that on weekends especially, when I am out and about running errands I check in virtually everywhere that I am.  Why, you ask, would I do this?  Do I really want the entire world to know what my errand running habits are?  No, not really.  But, read on to find out.

So- this App Called FourSquare.  It can be downloaded to any Android or Iphone Device. (you can also access it from the web, but it’s truly mean to be a mobile app)

Once you download it, you’ll set up your profile, and if you choose – link your FourSquare account to your Facebook and or Twitter accounts (I only broadcast to my Twitter-  I choose not to link with Facebook).  Once you are all set up-  you can go forth and proceed throughout your day as you normally would.

Say you stop at the local Starbucks.  Take your phone, open up your Foursquare App and “Check-In” at Starbucks.  Your check-in then will be broadcast out to your Foursquare Followers (more on this in a second),  and Twitter/Facebook if you have them linked.  The great thing about Foursquare and the main reason why I love it so much-  is there is distinct possibility that when you check in to say, Starbucks, that because you did so- you get free stuff!  I don’t know if Starbucks offers FourSquare incentives, but Chili’s, my local movie theater, local restaurants, and stores all have deals exclusively for FourSquare members.

In example-  Chili’s, when you check in, you receive Free Chips & Salsa.  If you are with a group of people and you all check in together- you get a free appetizer.

But, aside from the free stuff, it is also another great way to connect with people.  If one of your followers notices that you checked in at a movie theater and saw a movie they are considering seeing- it opens the door for a conversation and connection.

Also,  especially for Realtors, how great would it be to be able to take a client out for lunch, and already know ahead of time that they really enjoy a specific restaurant, because you see them check in to it frequently on FourSquare?  I’m quite certain a gesture like that would show them that you are truly paying attention to their likes/dislikes.

It is a social media tool, therefore, you will have to find people and friend them just as you would any other social media tool.  The benefits for using Foursquare are innumerable.  Not only is it a great way to interact, (get some free stuff), and personally connect-  but it’s just really fun to watch your scoreboard increase (and unlock badges).

Four-square’s main page does an excellent job at giving you the low down on using Foursquare, and I highly suggest checking it out at www.foursquare.com.  And, if you are already an avid Foursquare user, look me up!  I’m Melinda Band if you are a Charles Rutenberg agent be sure to “Check In” the next time you stop by.

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