Our Agents Say It Best!- Homero Garza

We know that once you make the decision to come to Charles Rutenberg Realty, you will see for yourself what a great decision it was to make the change. However, changing brokerage companies is a big decision. Therefore, I wanted to share with you an agent testimonial one of our agents recently provided for us after a closing he had.

My name is Homero Garza, I became a REALTOR in Aug of  ’06.  My brother recommended Charles Rutenberg Realty to me and from the moment I interviewed with Ray, it was like a glove, it just made sense to me.  As though this company (Charles Rutenberg) had every intention to make you succeed because of the incentives.  I work hard with all my clients and this incentive gives me a GREATER reason to continue to work even harder.  As humans we tend to go for what we know, and the unknown has always brought fear.  Charles Rutenberg makes the transition easy and your efforts will have bigger dividends.

If you are considering making the change, consider the factors:  100% split, minimal fees, innovative Managing Broker and rated by The Chicago Tribune “Top Work Places 2010” to work for. Equipped with this information, why not make the change.  I am proof and continue to strive no matter what kind of economy we are in.  Work from home and work at the speed you desire.  Ray always reminds us that “success is not a destination, but a journey” Ray makes it much easier for me to continue with my GOALS.  Thank you
Here is Homero’s most recently closing check:
Less $275 Transaction Fee and $50 for Risk Management (E&O Insurance) Here Is What Homero Took Home:
At Charles Rutenberg Realty you get paid what you’re worth, receiving 100% less a modest transaction fee,and you get paid quickly as well!! Give us a call at 630-929-1100 and tell us Homero sent you!

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