How Utilizing You Tube Can Increase Your Visibility


  • You Tube exceeds 2 million views a day That is double the Prime Time Audience of All 3 Major TV Networks
  • The Average Person Spends 15 Minutes a Day Watching You Tube Videos – either directly on You Tube or videos shared through other websites or social media
  • By Using Video you have a 50x Greater Chance of Ranking on the First Page of Google
  • 73% of Homeowners Say they would be more likely to list with an agent that utilizes video
  • And yet- less than .8% of Agents Use It

Perhaps, you the agent, don’t know where to begin in regards to You Tube. Maybe you are afraid that you’re videos will look amateurish, or you maybe you are camera shy.

We all know that most home searches start through the Internet. And that before a person even picks up the phone to make the connection, they most likely have done lots of research online. Using You Tube Videos (either for an Introduction or for Home Tours) can increase the likelihood that they will find YOU when doing their searches.

The first way to increase your Google ranking for your personal web page, is to have an introductory video posted to it. These videos are brief (usually around a minute to two minutes) and showcase you, the Realtor. If you were to do a search on You Tube for “Realtor Introduction Video” you will find lots of videos in varying styles. I have found a few that are notable that I wish to share with you. These were found at random, and I do not know any of these Realtors personally. They are being featured here to showcase the different ways in which you can present yourself to your potential client.

The first Realtor introductory video I want to show you is from Matthew Coates of Arizona. His video not only has him introducing himself and proving some information about his business, and what sets him apart from other Realtors.

Keri- Ann Brownlee in Toronto has a simpler Agent Introduction video, in which, like Matt, she discusses her reasons for being in Real Estate directly with the viewer.

Rob Regan in San Francisco demonstrates the most basic of Agent Introduction Videos- in which, he is seated in front of his Web Cam, discussing his Real Estate vision with his viewers

As you can see, there are many forms of introductory videos that an agent can have. Whether you want to showcase a professionally produced and edited video, or you prefer the simpler approach. Grab a camera and perhaps a volunteer to help record you, and let people know who you are as a Real Estate Agent!

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