Grow with Technology

The September 2007 issue of “Real Trends, the Trusted Source” speaks to the challenging market we all are experienceing today. They say:

“The importance of the Internet as a source of business for realty firms will
rise in importance. While the “bull” market in housing sales was taking place,
only a few firms and sales professionals paid much attention to online leads,
how to get them and how to service them. We think that will change

Many agents long for the old days when deals were relatively easy and when they didn’t need to utilize the current technology to compete in the market place. Those days are over. The average Realtor is 53 years old. The average first time buyer is 32. That buyer will not accept the Realtor’s lack of skills to utilize current technology. Every year that passes will see more buyers coming into the market demanding a technological solution to their buying requirement. It will also see fewer and fewer aging consumers and Realtors who see technology as an annoyance and inconvenience rather than as a useful and profitable tool.

Real Trends projects that for real estate firms to survive, much less succeed, they must adapt to current market conditions and to commit to re-engineering their firms and to integrate their marketing with their technology to create an effective online presence. Charles Rutenberg Realty is committed to making this adjustment so as to be a firm in the real estate industry that is leading the technology revolution rather than follow. Charles Rutenberg Realty agents who subscribe to this commitment will find their business growing while those who resist change will find limited success and increased frustration and may find this new real estate busniess is not the career for them. If that is their decision, we support them and wish them well, since our philosophy is that each agent should make their decisions based on what is in their personal best interest. As a company however, our commitment is to maximizing our effectiveness through the use of evolving technology and we look forward to providing our customers solutions to their problems through the effective use of these tools.

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