Develop Trust

To develop trust, give information. To destroy trust, withhold information.

This seems like a pretty basic premise but it is surprising how often it is ignored. In today’s real estate market specifically, and in every market in general, the best way to close a real estate transaction is to be an objective provider of advice and perspective. We can’t sell someone on a deal, but we can help them come to the realization that the current deal may be the best deal for them.

At Charles Rutenberg Realty we focus on creating the structure for agents to build their business around. We also support our agents with advice and insight they can use to help finalize a deal that may end up falling apart without a clear headed, objective agent offering a perspective without an emotional bias. A perfect example of the type of comment that can help close a deal is to restate a deal point in a way so that it’s insignificance is readily apparent. For example, a transaction is on the verge of falling apart because the buyer feels the final counter requiring an additional $10,000 is too much to accept. After all. $10,000 is a lot of money. But is it? When you take into consideration financing, at 6.5%, 30 years, $10,000 equals approximately $63 per month. That is only $2 per day! Would the buyer really lose the home they desire for only $2 per day? Probably not, if they knew that was what the difference actually was. Our job as real estate professionals is to not “sell” real estate. It is to help our customers make the right decision for themselves by presenting the facts in a way that helps them come to the right decision. That is what we look to do at Charles Rutenberg Realty and why we live by the byline “The Standard of Excellence”.

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