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Charles Rutenberg Realty of Illinois, LLC…

….., headquartered in Naperville, IL, is a firm being built upon the premise that it is the agent in the field who generates the business and, as such, it is that agent who should retain the lion’s share of the earned commissions.

We believe the agent in the field is looking for a firm that will provide the infrastructure support for him or her to build their business but not one where the managing broker competes with them for the next deal or one that demands an inordinate share of the hard-earned commission dollars earned through the agent’s efforts.

Our objective is to create an environment whereby the agent and the firm operate in a win-win arrangement in the real estate business. We don’t promise leads but when they come in they go to an agent who works in the market that the prospect is interested in. We also don’t provide the initial training a brand new agent may be looking for in order to learn the real estate business but we have negotiated savings for the agent to get that training from the premier trainers in the industry.

What we do provide is the opportunity for experienced agents to fully profit from the real estate business they have developed and to receive the deal support they request from a managing broker who is not busy competing with them for deals in their marketplace.

Wouldn’t it be great to have a managing broker who actually takes the time to assist you in making your deal? Built on this business model, over the last five years Charles Rutenberg Realty in Florida has grown from inception to over 3,500 agents. The firm continues to grow at a steady rate of approximately 50+ new agents per month. The agents in Florida find this business model extremely valuable to them. Having grown Charles Rutenberg Realty of Illinois to nearly 1100 agents in the Chicagoland market in 48 months, we know the agents in Illinois do so as well. And now, having been named as one of Chicagoland’s Most Exciting Offices by Chicago Agent Magazine, we know this is the place you will want to be to grow your business, now and for years to come!

If you are someone looking to make the Best Choice for your real estate business, we look forward to working with you. If you would like a brief tour of our office, click here.

To your success,

Ray Zabielski

Ray Zabielski, CCIM, e-PRO, RECS
Managing Broker

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