Monthly Archives: September 2011

Content, Content, Content!

The question I get asked most by my realtors is what to include on a website to keep people coming back.  The simplest answer:  Content!

You wouldn’t buy a book with no pages in it, or the newest hit movie DVD cover  with no movie in it-  so why spend money on a website,  and then leave it to its own devices.  Your website or blog is one of the best resources you have for positioning yourself as a local expert.  Just like other avenues of Social Media, utilize your blog/website space to talk about the goings on in and around your local area.

The Fall season always brings Pumpkin Farms, Corn Mazes, and other local flavor to neighborhoods.  Grab your camera, and head outside and get a few shots of whatever is happening locally in your area.  Update your website with shots from in and around town.  Find a way to tie the post back to real estate with a closing statement that ties the activity back to the suburb.   Also, give some plugs to local businesses.  Develop relationships with them,  plug them  in your blog or on your website- you never know the kinds of benefits these kinds of relationships can bring-  it might just be that someone comes into their store asking if they know of anyone “in the area” that does real estate-  your name could be top of mind to that business owner. No matter how you chose to do it, always keep your website fresh and current, and always use keywords in your postings- this will help with better search engine searchability.  Just keep in mind, there are thousands of websites out in cyber space, and you want to make sure there is a reason for people to visit yours.