Monthly Archives: August 2011

Do You Have A Blog? Do You Want More Readership? Read On…

Recently I discovered an amazing website that I did not even know existed.  As a blogger, we are always looking for new ways to gain readership. Be it through contests, twitter campaigns to drive people to our blog, using keywords and phrases to get better Google hits… but this website that I discovered not only allows me to connect with new people of similar interests (a great way to build a community, develop credibility amongst the blogging world, and help position you as a expert in your blogging field)  but also allows your blog posts to be multiplied over and over again.

The website is called Triberr.  Essentially with this website, you create a “Tribe” (so, for example, I would create a tribe called “Real Estate”)  and invite other people you know either through Twitter, Facebook, or perhaps colleagues or co-workers to join my “tribe”.  I would then encourage them to add others to our tribe who are also either in Real Estate or directly influenced by Real Estate (ie mortgage brokers, real estate technology bloggers, home inspectors, etc)  Each time one of you writes a blog post,  the post is fed out (via twitter) to all the tribe members and thus your Internet reach is multiplied.   What an excellent resource to gain readership, develop additional business ties, and help to position yourself as an expert in the blogosphere.This is a definite keeper!