Monthly Archives: April 2010

Charles Rutenberg Realty, Small Business of the Year Nominee

We are proud to announce that Charles Rutenberg Realty is a nominee for the Small Business of the Year award from the Naperville Area Chamber of Commerce. One of the compelling reasons for our nomination has been the outstanding growth we have enjoyed since our founding in 2004.

We track our business by the number of agents actively with us and by the number of transactions those agents do each year. We started business in April of 2004 with one employee and no agents. We grew to 50 agents and two employees by the end of 2004. We have seen steady growth from 266 active agents at the end of 2005 to a total of 725 at the end of 2009. We have four full time employees, one part time employee, and 758 active agents as of April 12, 2010.

Our total sale transactions completed each year started with 583 in 2005, increasing
to 1499 in 2009. While we had a slight decrease in transactions each year from 2006 through 2008, most real estate firms saw dramatic decreases over this period resulting in many going out of business. Our business rebounded solidly in 2009, increasing by a substantial 25%, and agents continue to join which will result in even greater transaction growth.