Monthly Archives: March 2010

A Good Time to Buy and Sell

The following is from the recent IAR Talking Points:

Now is a good time to sell a home.
• Low interest rates, coupled with price declines give trade-up buyers a unique opportunity
to take advantage of market conditions. What an owner may lose on the sell side can be
more than recovered on the buy side.
• In some markets, prices have begun to rise, however, sellers should not expect explosive
growth in home values.
• A return to the traditional 3-5 percent annual home price appreciation rate is likely by
next year. However, this is a national average and local markets vary widely. It’s best to
consult a REALTOR® for the most accurate local market conditions and to help you set
the right selling price.
• To sell quickly, make sure your home carries a compelling price, not just a comparable
Homeownership continues to be one of the best financial investments.
• Most Americans still believe buying a home is a good investment. Nine out of 10
consumers consider home ownership to be a sound financial decision.
• Given the leverage in purchasing a home, the average return on a 5 percent down
payment over 10 years is usually three to five times greater than stock market returns.
• If you bought a house 10 years ago, it would be worth almost 27 percent more today.
• Real estate has delivered the best return of any investment over the last 40 years.
• The typical homeowner’s net worth ($205,200) was 49 times that of the typical renter
($4,200) in 2008, according to NAR calculations using statistics from the Federal
Reserve Board.