Monthly Archives: May 2009

Selling in a Buyers Market

Last week Charles Rutenberg Realty closed on a million dollar plus home sale. Many were surprised because homes in that price range weren’t supposed to be selling. There were hundreds of similarly priced homes on the market in Naperville so what made the difference? Why did this home sell?

The two key reasons this home sold are 1). It was priced right for the market and, 2) we featured what this home had that others didn’t. In doing our research we found almost all other similarly priced homes in the immediate market were situated on standard small residential lots. The homes were magnificent but there was no land. Our property was not only magnificent, it sat on over one acre and the views to the rear showed no other structure, The feeling was one of being out in the country even though it was only 8 minutes from downtown Naperville.

Once we focused our marketing on this unique feature, (our USP, unique seling proposition) we secured a firm contract with no contingencies. The buyer wanted land in Naperville and we had the best combination of magnificent house, spacious land and proper pricing. Suddenly, selling in today’s market didn’t seem so difficult.