Monthly Archives: January 2009

Above All, Real Estate Success is About Marketing

We now have a new president. In his speech, President Obama stated we all need to take personal responsibilty to effect change. As Realtors, it is up to us to create our own success. We can do that through marketing.

One of the main reasons Charles Rutenberg Realty has, in under 5 years grown to be 20th largest real estate company in the Chicago area and the largest to offer 100% commission, is the mailing of our marketing flyer to over 30,000 area real estate agents on a regular basis. Direct mail works if it is done on a regular basis. You can carve out your niche as the local market expert through the use of consistent direct mail.

While postcards are the most common tool used in direct mail marketing, there are a number of options to choose from should you decide to start a consistent direct mail campaign. Remember though, it is the regularity that creates the impact. It is always better to send fewer pieces more often than to send a large number only once or a few of times.

Best wishes for a successful business this year.

Ray Zabielski