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Marketing Tools That Work

One of the key things we look to do at Charles Rutenberg Realty is to find tools that help our agents do deals. Since it is only through completing transactions that any of us get paid, it is in our best interest that our agents succeed in their real estate business.

One new tool that was just released to our agents is the ability for them to complete property booklets and flyers for their properties. They can create flyers and booklets of up to 10 pages without cost through Details on accessing the system are under the Marketing section of the agent office site. The following is a comment from Emma Pawlik, one of our agents who is very pleased to have this new tool available to her. If you are not an agent with CRR, but would like to consider joining, please give me a call at 630-929-5410.

Ray Zabielski, Managing Broker

Hi Ray,

I hope all is well.
Just wanted to send you a quick note and say THANK YOU!!!!
It’s truly amazing to work for a company who’s broker is continuing to search for new products and makes them available to his agents. You’re really terrific!!!!.

I took advantage of WillowTree to create a booklet for a property I will be listing on Monday and it came out amazing, took just a few minutes to create (and when i ran into a problem i had sent an email and received a phone call as follow up from Susan who was extremely helpful) I had sent the pdf file over to my local singarama for printing and I know my clients will be blown away. What a great service!!!! But again one of many amazing tools our company offers. I hope you will get positive feedback and will keep this service for years to come. Thank you again so much!!!!!

I will be also taking advantage of your other find eproperties how Fabulous are they.
I will be thinking twice about my visualtour monthly subscription of 29.99 when I can get a personal website for each of my listings – how awesome is that.

Well I suppose I could go on and on about this but bottom line is THANKS SO MUCH!!!
For always being on top of the newest and coolest tools and for always being there for us.
I think it’s nice to be reminded that you are TRULY greatly appreciated!!!!!


Are You Making Money?

Wow, what a time we are in right now!

Real estate deals are at a premium and, when they go to closing, sometimes the funds aren’t available from the lender. If you find that you are working harder and making less than you deserve, make sure you are at least paid the proper amount for your efforts.  We believe the agent should receive the commission and the company is paid a fee for providing the structure for the agent to build his or her business around. If you agree, we’d love to have you check us out at

Ray Zabielski, Managing Broker