Monthly Archives: July 2008

Time to Buy?

I was out this weekend and the discussion came up about when it would be the best time to list a property for sale. Should they list today or wait until the spring of 2009? We came to the conclusion that now is the time to list. The second best marketing period is the fall, September through November. Since we will never know when the buyer for a property will appear it doesn’t make sense to wait until "the Spring". Go to market now. If there is no sale by mid November go ahead and take it off the market and then go back again in March of 2009 with a totally new listing. That way you get the maximum exposure during both seasons and, who knows, you may just find that your buyer is in the market today after all!! 

Short Sales

Yesterday we had an excellent discussion on the short sale process. The discussion was led by attorney Russell Rasche and CRR broker associate Matthew Rasche. One of the most important points emphasized was the fact that short sales take time! While buyers are eager to learn the status of their offer and sellers want to know if they can really sell their property, the lenders need and take a lot of time to review and approve a deal. This time period will most certainly be 4 to 6 weeks or more. So, the next time you find yourself involved in a short sale please know that it will take a long time to complete.