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The Housing Crisis Is Over ??

The following opinion piece from the Online Wall Street Journal makes an excellent case that we are set to see a recovery in the housing market. Be sure to click the link to read the whole article.
-Ray Zabielski

May 6, 2008; Page A23

The dire headlines coming fast and furious in the financial and popular press suggest that the housing crisis is intensifying. Yet it is very likely that April 2008 will mark the bottom of the U.S. housing market. Yes, the housing market is bottoming right now. Click Here for the full article

Activity High in April

Wow, while we were pleased to finish up March by signing our 1000th agent April was very busy. We now have 1037 agents who have joined the Chicago area office since we opened in the summer of 2004. We are looking forward to celebrating our 4 year anniversary this summer by hitting 1100!!